Everybody is Loosing Their Damn Minds Over Rainbows

It started with a colourful lump of dough.


We’ve all seen THAT video.

That giant knife slicing through a memorising prism of colour before being skilfully  spun into a Bagel of beautiful-ness and stuffed with Funfetti cream cheese.  Their creator, Scot Rossillo, describing the invention process as ‘like the birth of a child’. The Cronut-style queues. HYSTERIA.

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NYC even had to close temporarily whilst it dealt with the logistics of such high demand.


And it was wonderful and unique and happy and nice.

But then suddenly, every time you logged on to Facebook you would see another of your favourite foods tie-dyed into oblivion.





And Ice Cream




And Waffles




And Cake…






I know what you’re thinking. Sweet things? That’s FINE. Perfectly normal.

Then THIS happened.




RAINBOW GRILLED CHEESE From Kala Toast in Japan.

What. The. Flippin’-Hell-is-that-Cheese-is-YELLOW.

According to @hkfoodiexblogger, the sandwich contains four types of cheese and costs $42HKD (£3.60).

And Rainbow Latte Art




Unicorn Poop is a thing people.





And it’s not just food! Oh No!

Rainbows have been sneaking their way into all aspects of modern life.

Rainbow Hair on Kylie Jenner:







Rainbow highlighter fo’ yo FACE on Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty:


Lipstick for all your kaleidoscopic kissing needs:




Rainbow Water Colour Tattoos:




Even Rainbow Roses (HOW?! Just…How?!)




You can even vomit rainbows and send your vom-rainbows to your friends:



Now, I’m a lover of all things bright and beautiful, but you have to ask yourself:





*With a pot of gold, hopes!*

BB x





The Best YouTube Tutorials on the Internet



People often ask me where I learned to bake.

The answer is always the same:


It’s also where I learned to plat corn rows Kim K would be proud of, dice an onion in 30 seconds and put on a duvet cover in one swift movement.

These days, there is literally nothing you can’t learn from the world wide web and YouTube is a fabulous place to start.


Here are my Top 10 YouTube Tutorials:


The Adele Make Up Tutorial


Want to learn how to do THAT cat eyeliner? Look no further than a one-to-one class with the man who created her signature look, Michael Ashton. Now I just need to find a video that teaches me how to sing…


How to Make a Cake That Looks Like a Stack of Pancakes


Love cake? Yep.

Love Pancakes? You betcha.

Yolanda from How To Cake That is my ultimate baking crush, creating incredible creations week after week, including a Watermelon cake so realistic it could fool the Lilt Lady herself.



How To Make Slime


I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would I want to make slime?

Well if you have a kid, or you know a kid, if you’re even a small child yourself; then trust ME, you need to know how to make slime. I made this for my Godchildren and now they are pretty sure I’m Jesus. Also- you can use it to clean your keyboard and other hard-to-reach places.


How to Workout Like a Victorias Secret Model


Now I don’t know about you, but I look like a proper swamp donkey after I exercise. My face is red for a good 2 hours afterwards to the point where the boy has come home from work and asked if I’ve been on holiday whilst he’s been at work. And not in a good way. In a bloody-hell-you-look-like-a-sunburnt-lobster way. But if you want to attempt to transform yourself into a amazonian wonder woman who better to teach you than a VS queen herself?


How to Get Eyebrows on Fleek


If like me when you were 17 you decided it would be a great idea to shave your eyebrows off, you need this video in your life. 12 million people can’t be wrong. Remember honey; Eyebrows should be Sisters not Twins!

How To Do a Messy Bun


If you manage to master this, you can get away with not washing your hair for a week. It’s actually easier to do if your hair is greasy. I can feel you judging me Miss I-wash-daily-and-deep-condition-once-a-week. Aint nobody got time for that.



How To Cook Eggs (Well) in a Microwave


Yeah, yeah, we’ve all made scrambled eggs in a microwave, but have you ever made POACHED OR FRIED EGGS? Didn’t think so. Save yourself some washing up time and watch this video to find out how.



  How to get Abs in 4 Minutes


Mike Chang is the King of YouTube Ab tutorials. He says that slaving away in the gym doing 1000’s of sit ups is pointless, and I like anybody who agrees with that theory. Instead, just dedicate 4 minutes a day and you’ll be guaranteed to get a Britney Slave For You tummy in no time.



Get Everyday Waves Tutorial

Picture 20.png

Lauren Conrad is a true Queen who personifies the beach wave look. Watch her simple guide to looking like a Boho Babe in no time. And whilst you’re at it… Learn how to Curl Your Hair with Straighteners


And finally, learn how  to fail and get back up again from Her Royal Highness JK Rowling


You know what they say, every day is a lesson!

Have you got a favourite YouTube video? Let me know in the comments below.

BB x

36 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Own

Every beauty lover knows, there are some classics in your beauty arsenal you cannot live without. They are the Burberry Trenchcoats of foundation, the Chanel blazers of mascara, the Christian Louboutans of dry shampoo.

Here is my fail-safe list of beauty besties, guaranteed to make you look fabulous any day of the week:


Make Up Heroes

The Primer


Smashbox Photo Ready Primer, £25.50

The Foundation


Giorgio Armani Luminous Foundation, £37

The Concealer


YSL Touche Eclat, £25

The Beauty Blender


BeautyBlender, £13.50

The Highlighter


Topshop Glow, £9

The Powder


Chanel Poudre Universelle, £36

The Bronzer


Laura Mercier Baked, £27

The Blush


Nars Orgasm, £23

The Shadow Primer


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, £10

The Must-Have Eyeshadow Pallet


Urban Decay Naked, £38.50

The Liquid Eyeliner


Benefit They’re Real! £18.50

The Mascara


MaxFactor Masterpiece, £9.99

The Eyeliner


Rimmel Soft Kohl, £3.99

The Eyelash Curler


Shu Uemura, £20 

The Tweezers


Mr Tweezerman, £12.50

The Brow Tool


Anastasia Brow Wiz, £15.50

The Lip Pencil


Mac Spice, £12.50

The Red Lip


Mac Ruby Woo, £15.50

The Nude Gloss


Stila Stay All Day, £16

The Lip Balm


Eos, £7


The Moisturiser


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, £70

The Eye Cream


No. 7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream, £17 

The Face Mask


Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask, £23

The Soap


Dove Beauty Bar, £2.69 for 4

The Night Cream


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, £50

The Micellar Water


Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water, £3.29

The All-In-One


Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, £26


The Shampoo


Aussie Miracle Moist, £3.99

The Conditioner


TIGI Catwalk Conditioner, £11.15

The Hair Oil


Moroccan Oil, £13.45

The Dry Shampoo


Batiste Dry Shampoo, £2

The Hairspray


Elnett Normal Hold, £3.80

The Brush


Tangle Teezer, £10.99

The Hairdryer


GHD Aura, £125

The Curler


Cloud Nine Waving Wand, £99.50

The Straightener


GHD, £79

Do you have an beauty essentials i’ve missed off the list? Let me know what you can’t live without!

BB x

Ultimate guide to: Buying a Wedding Dress


Let’s face it, going dress shopping is THE most exciting thing about getting engaged.

Yeah, yeah, it’s brill you’re going to marry your best mate etc. etc. but trying on big white fluffy dresses that cost thousands of pounds and make you look insanely fabulous, well that’s pretty darn epic.

I had literally been waiting for this moment MY ENTIRE LIFE.

I won’t lie. There have been moments when me and a mate have considered popping into Accessorize, nabbing ourselves a £12 sparkling cubic zirconium and blagging our way into Bertex Brides Pheobe and Monica stylee. Yep.



But did we do it? No, we did not.

Because dress shopping is SACRED. And must only be done when ONE IS ACTUALLY READY TO BUY A DRESS.

The good news is, that dress shopping comes really high up the list of things to do, right after you’ve booked the venue. Especially if, like me, you have only given yourself 10 months to plan a wedding. That sounds like enough time, right? Well it’s not. As I found out in shop 1.

Nice lady in shop: “And when is the big day?”

Me: “30th October”

*lady writes on clipboard* “…2017”

“16. 2016”

“Are you pregnant?!”

Have you ever gone shopping for a dress for a night out that night as the shops were closing and had nothing else at all to wear? Well, that pretty much summed up my dress shopping experience after that.

In the end, my poor mother and I visited no less than EIGHT dress shops. EIGHT.

So, in order to spare you the pain, here are a few tips of do’s and dont’s which should make things easier


1.Don’t bother trawling through magazines before you go

Are you a 6ft blonde model who weighs 8 stone wet-through?

No? Then there is zero point in looking at dresses in Brides Magazine and picking out your dream gown.

I was convinced I would look fabulous in a sheath-style gown complete with flower crown.

In reality? I looked like a living room sofa the painters had covered up with a dust sheet.



You will very quickly discover the styles that are right for you and those that really don’t work, no matter how much you want them to. My first day of shopping was really just about narrowing down shapes that looked good and working from there.


2. Get ready to get naked in front of strangers



I went and bought No-VPL knickers and strapless bra from Marks’,  but in reality, a lot of the dresses have built in underwear so that bra ends up on the floor pretty quickly.

If, like me, you did not grow up in a ‘naked house’ this can be pretty uncomfortable in the first four shops but after that you get pretty blahzay about whipping your top off in a metre wide cubicle with a woman you’ve never met before.

Don’t even attempt to put a dress on alone (most shops won’t let you anyway). Just embrace the nakedness.

There are limits though. One shop assistant left me in just a pair of knicks between each dress for ten minutes at a time with no robe. It was tres cold and tres awks and meant there was no-way I was buying a dress from there.




3. Love thy bridal consultant

Most dress samples in the UK are a size 12. Fantastic, if you are in fact, a size 12.

If like me, you are three sizes smaller (or bigger) then things get a little trickier.

Do you know how hard it is to imagine a dress doing all the magical pulling in, pushing up things it’s meant to do when it’s six inches too wide and 2 ft too long? Really, really hard.

This is where your consultant comes in.

A good consultant can make the dress fit you by hook or by crook (sometimes literally). They can crocodile-clip, pin and tuck you into fabulousness, at least giving you some idea of how the dress will fit.



One of the best ladies that helped me, tied my hair up into a chignon which really helped me envisage what I would look like.





In shop four, I discovered designer dresses.

There are the usual names that do the rounds in most bridal shops; Mon Cheri, Essence of Australia, David Tutera, Sophia Tolli. Beautiful dresses around £800- £1500. These dresses are made in the Far East, you order a size and they are altered to fit you.

Then there are the designer dresses. These are hand-made specifically for your body in the UK. Suzanne Neville, Ian Stewart, Jenny Packham, Caroline Castigliano. They start at around £2800.

There is a difference between them. I can’t describe it. They just feel nicer. And once you’ve tried one on, it’s really, really hard to go back.

I tried on a stunning Suzanne Neville ‘Melody’ which my Mum fell in love with. It was £3495. Before alterations.

If you are happy to spend that amount then go for it. I personally couldn’t justify it and went for something I was more comfortable with.


5. Don’t panic if you don’t get THAT moment

We’ve all watched 500 hours of ‘Say Yes to The Dress’ right? No? Just me then?


Let me save you some time. Every episode goes like this:

1. Bride tries on one dress she thought was perfect but is actually hideous.

2. Bride tries on dress she likes but Mum hates.

3. Bride tries on dress she hates but Mum likes.

4. Bride tries on perfect dress, everyone cries, she sobs to the camera “I could just picture myself walking down the aisle in this”, Pnina Tornai arrives with champagne and Randy asks that all important question.

Here’s what happened with me. 

By shop five, The White Closet in Liverpool, we were really getting panicked. The lady in shop number one told me I needed 9 months* to order a dress (6 months to order, 3 to alter) and I had 7 months and 23 days.

*This, by the way is utter bullsh*t, my dress will be ready in August*

I tried on a gorgeous £3200 Jenny Packham which was the total opposite of what I thought I wanted and started crying. We drank champagne, paid £1000 deposit and hugged the lovely lady in the shop.

The next day, I had a horrible terrible feeling in my stomach that I had made the wrong decision. As it turns out, I was crying because I was tired. Tired of shopping, tired of saying ‘it’s lovely it’s just not me’, tired of making appointments (oh yeah, you can’t just wander in, you have to book 3 weeks in advance btw), tired of seeing my poor Mum stifle a yawn as I came out in YET ANOTHER DRESS.

Luckily, The White Closet allowed me to cancel with just a £40 fee, but they had no obligation to.



And a few quick tips/FAQ’s:

  • Don’t stress about taking shoes, they have them.
  • Limit your entourage, most shops only like you to take 1 or 2. (I saw one lady with 15!)
  • Take your bridesmaid’s/Mother-in-Law to your fittings instead.
  • Find a shop with a good seamstress- your dress might be beautiful but the fit has to be perfect.
  • Allow budget for accessories and alterations- those veils are not cheap.
  • If in doubt, sleep on it. All decent shops would advise this.
  • DO NOT STRESS. This is a once in a lifetime thing (hopefully)! So what if it takes 8 shops? Enjoy it.


In case you were wondering, I’ve made a list of some of the lovely shops I visited in my tour-of-all-North-West-bridal-boutiques. I’ve left out the naked shop though, ’cause aint nobody got time for that.


Amelia’s, Clitheroe

Orchid, Clitheroe

Dreamcatcher, Kirkham

The Dressing Room, Garstang

Agape Bridal, Cheshire

The White Closet, Liverpool and Didsbury

Jean Jackson Couture, Urmston


Happy Shopping!

BB x






Ultimate Easter Guide 2016


Beehive Egg Fortnum and Mason £250

Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to ‘pop’ into the shop for milk without picking up some sort of Easter treat since February.



It’s honestly not fair, I’ve got a wedding dress to fit into in 6 months dontchaknow. But who could resist the WALL OF DELICIOUSNESS!

This year, we have been spoilt for choice with a range of egg-cellent Easter treats.

Pick your fave from my ultimate guide:



Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg £75

balloon-egg artisan du chocolat

Artisan Du Chocolat £24.99


Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle in Real Eggshell £4.25, prestat.co.uk


Dairy Milk Decorate Your Own Egg ASDA £4


Michel Cluizel’s Origami Rabbit £15.95, harveynichols.com



The Biscuiteers mini biscuit box £35, biscuiteers.com


1kg Lindt Gold Bunny £35, waitrose.com


Godiva Egg with four foil minis £18, godivachocolates.co.uk


Aldi Decorated Egg £2.99


Hotel Chocolat Egg Sandwich £10

Easter is a perfect time to get baking with the kids at home, so get creative and come up with some cracking ideas of your own, or take a look at some of these great recipes for your inspiration:


Contact Marketing/ Press Office: 01202 596100

Mini Egg Cake



Hot Cross Muffins


Mini Easter Egg Cakes


Creme Road Egg Rocky Road


Anti Gravity Easter Egg Cake


Mini Egg Easter Cake

Hoppy Eater!

Urm…I mean…Happy Easter!

BB x

Valentines Day Favourites 2016

Love it or loathe it, Valentines Day is here.



Whether you are a loved-up lovely or a super sassy single, it’s never too late to show somebody a little love this V-Day with my ultimate treat guide!



original_you-re-my-lobster-valentines-day-print - Copy

You’re My Lobster Print £14



Purse £12



Lip Purse £245


valentine-s-day-gift-guide-under-100 - Copy

Paul Smith Card Holder £104.99



Chanel Chance Perfume £68 for 50ml



Nutella Recipe Book £9.99



Lace Trim Satin Body £35



Pizza Card £3



Pierre Marcolini Olympia le Tan Chocolate Box £35



Vintage Playing Cards £47.50



12 Roses £26



Personalised Train Ticket £18.50


Left it too late or strapped for cash? Try a home-made honey:

Make a Tea-rrific homemade card!


633f4c0acb1afaff2694cafa1b34e2b0 - Copy

Rustle up a DIY Breakfast with style:

29ba94e43de232dea3a4c5d2d26502ee - Copy

Learn how to here:


9c6819a0291bd7ebc939add38cdc07a8 - Copy

20 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Pop a marble in the top of a cupcake tray to make heart shaped cupcakes:

download (1)




Whatever you have planned today, have a love-ly one 🙂


BB x

Top Wedding Venues: Liverpool Edition


Now, I know what you’re thinking; as an honorary Manc it is considered sacrilege to even think about hosting the ‘biggest day of our lives’ in a place held as arch rival to my adopted hometown.

To that, I would say, blame Manchester City Council. Who are currently ripping up my beloved Mancunia, seemingly all at once, to install some sort of tram labyrinth. EVERYWHERE. Making any sort of picturesque City Centre nuptial impossible.



Liverpool holds such a special place in our hearts, the boy grew up there and LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS.

So if you are considering getting married in Merseyside, here is a run down of the top City Centre venues you might want to take a look at.


  1. 30 James St Hotel800_800_scaled_952381_30_2D00_james_2D00_street_2D00_20140915.jpg

Nicknamed ‘The Home of the Titanic’ and situated on the Dock Road, 30 James Street is opulence with a capital ‘O’.


Most bedrooms have more than one double bed, making it a perfect place for guests to stay.

The room itself is absolutely stunning, if a glam bash is your glass of champagne, then 30 James St is for you. Wedding packages start at £54.90 per head for food and drink which isn’t cheap, but it was the only venue we saw that reduced room hire rates for off-season (Sept-March) making it a lot more affordable.

Couples can also enjoy use of the spa facilities for us to 6 weeks before the big day, so you will both be refreshed and replenished by the time it rolls around.

Perfect for: A Glam Bride looking for a WAG wedding of her dreams

Budget: £20,000 plus

Liverpool Wedding Packages


2. Sefton Park Palm House


We attended a family wedding here last year and the stunning Palm House, set in the middle of the beautiful Sefton Park is guaranteed to take your guests breath away.


The light inside the venue means rain or shine, you are guaranteed a gorgeous day.

The good news is the exotic plants mean that your flower budget would be minimal, which is handy if you want to save some dosh to spend elsewhere.

Rental of the Palm House is around £4200 and doesn’t include food or drink, which can be hired in from one of their preferred caterers. The Palm House itself is open to the public during the day so this is the venue for you if you are looking at an evening wedding. You can get married from 3pm on a Friday and from 4pm on a weekend until Midnight (although venue hire can be extended for an additional cost).

Perfect for: A unique wedding guaranteed to impress

Budget: £18k-£20k

Wedding Fayre 17th Jan 12pm-4pm



3. St Georges Hall


If you want to feel like royalty on your Wedding day, look no further than St Georges Hall.

The venue has two main spaces; for a smaller wedding there is the exquisite Concert Hall, home to the Royal Philharmonic when they are in town.


For the plus-sized wedding, you can get married in the Great Hall (how Harry Potter is that?!) but a word to the wise; only consider this if you are looking at numbers of 250 people plus, otherwise your party will feel lost in the ginormous space.



Perfect For: Asian Brides looking for a large beautiful space or Princess Kate wannabes.

Budget: £20k- £30k



4. The Royal Liver Building


You can’t get more Liverpudlian than the Royal Liver Building, and the venue offers an paralleled view of the River Mersey. Licensed to hold both marriages and civil ceremonies for up to 200 guests, the Liver building was the most adaptable and customisable space we found, with plain white features lending perfectly to any brides vision of her day.



Menus start from £35 per head and the space could fit both a smaller or larger event lasting all day. Room hire is £1000, so would be ideal for a bride on a smaller budget.

Perfect for: A couple who want to design their own space

Budget:: £10k-£20k



5. The Hard Days Night Hotel


Are you a fan of the Fab Four?

Well look no further than the Hard Days Night Hotel who will hold your hand all the way through planning your wedding in true Beatles style.

Surrounded by photos of Paul, John, George and Ringo you could say I do in this beautiful boutique hotel, in the heart of the City Centre.



Perfect For: A music loving couple looking for a quirky alternative to a traditional day

Budget: £15k-£25 depending on guest numbers



I’ve been a bit naughty an haven’t included the venues we have chosen on the list, but i promise once everything is confirmed i’ll let you in on the secret!


BB x