We’re all mad here!

I’ll let you into a secret. The boy loves Afternoon Tea.

It’s probably one of his favourite pastimes as it goes. Along with other manly activities. Ahem.

The sun was shining today so we jumped in the car and headed down to Chester for a trip out.

It really is the most beautiful City.


We walked the cobbled streets and worked up an appetite before hopping on down to Mad Hatters.


There’s loads of lovely places to choose from to eat, but one look through the window and we were sold.


I should point out that Mad Hatter offer a plethora of other choices. But we weren’t interested in any of them. Tea for two please!


The gorgeous wooden menus at Mad Hatters.

It’s £14.95 for Alice’s Afternoon Tea or £19.95 if you add a glass of bubbly to the mix.

Since there appears to be too much month at the end of this money, we went for the cheaper (and more sober) option. Plus, apparently drinking on a Tuesday lunchtime is frowned upon. Oops.

For this, you get a selection of finger sandwiches with yummy flavours like egg mayo and the classic cucumber (a must), a scone with plenty of jam and cream (you really can never have enough jam), and a selection of cakes and pastries.


One each! Such a treat!

You also get to choose a mega giant cupcake from the days selection. After much deliberation we whittled it down to two. White Chocolate and Raspberry for me, Rolo for the boy.

tuxpi.com.1421795688 tuxpi.com.1421795703

Yes. Rolo. And that does mean that inside the cupcake a delectable dollop of dulche de leche was hiding inside.

The highlight for me was the dreamy profiterole packed with cream. I may have stolen the boys helping too.


Nothing that cute can be bad for you…can it?

The best bit about Mad Hatters is that you don’t have to book. Nothing angers me more than getting a sudden craving scarpered by a demand for a ‘£5 deposit required 48 hours before’. When this diva wants cake, she wants it now! And i’m not just talking about my boyfriend…

tuxpi.com.1421795738 tuxpi.com.1421796370

The decor is super cute and the cozy atmosphere welcomes you in. Tea pots hang whimsically from the ceiling and a giant white rabbits bonnet is perched on the hat stand.

Bonkers? Yes. But all the best people are Alice!

Mad Hatters Tea Room

49 Bridge Street Row East,

Chester, CH1 1NW


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