Everything I ate in Paris

Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’ve just returned from the City of Love.


And after 4 days of gorging ourselves on the finest deliciously delectable pastries and breads in the world, there sure as hell was more of me to love on the way home!





On literally every corner, there was another amazing boulangerie, patisserie or chocolatier.


And as any good blogger would, I felt it was only right that I sampled everything on offer. You know, just so I could report back to you lot.

I know, I know. I’m too kind.

Paris is beautiful, but it’s also humongous. So if you are heading to Pari any time soon, here is my list of things you absolutely cannot miss out on.

1. Hot Chocolate at Angelina 



Angelina has several locations in the City, the most famous being behind the Louvre.


After much larking about next to the iconic glass Pyramid, we hurried inside to warm up with the most luxurious melted hot chocolate in the world in the most beautiful 1920’s style tearoom.


You can have Milk or White Chocolate. Or, like me, both! Served with lashings of cream.

And the pastry counters not half bad either…


2. Macarons at Laduree


There are eight Laduree locations in Paris but the most iconic is the Champs Elysée restaurant.

We headed down there one Thursday morning for a spot of Petit Dejeuner (that’s breakfast to you and me).

988948_10153180716466241_5239713080523506881_n (1)

20 Euros each gets you a gigantic basket of pastries, croissants and bread with the most amazing butter and jam.

All washed down with fresh coffee and juice in the most gorgeous of settings.


You cannot go to Paris without a trip to Laduree.

And you cannot go to Laduree without sampling their world-famous Macarons.


My ultimate fave is the Salted Caramel. I’d walk back to Paris for another one of those beauties.


If you want to take some home (and you can resist scoffing them on the journey back) save time in the queues and nab some at the airport. There are two stores at Charles de Gaulle.

3. Crepes at Breizh Cafe


There are a lot of crepe pancakes in Paris (ahem).

But Breizh cafe is universally accepted as the producer of the very best, with multiple locations including the hip and trendy Marais district.


Whether you go for a savoury Galette (try the egg, cheese and onion) or a sweeter than sweet Crepe (salted caramel and banana, *swoon*), make sure you book in advance for a guaranteed spot bypassing the queues.

4. Fallafel at L’Has du Fallafel


By now I was craving something savoury. So when we fell across the winding queue outside L’as du Fallafel I knew I was onto a winner.

For 6 Euros you get the biggest pitta of stuffed goodness you can imagine.


You’ve really never seen anything like it in your life. There’s nothing you can do except stick your face in and get stuck in!


You order in the queue so you never wait long. The production line really is a sight to be seen!

They also do Shawarmas and Kebabs, but I’d have fallafel if I hadn’t tried their most famous dish!

5. Chocolates from Patrick Roger


Known for his iconic window displays, including a life-size chimpanzee, Patick Roger is one of the most iconic chocolatiers in all of Paris.


Constantly striving for innovation and perfection, he loves to create skilful combinations and majestic sculptures.


This time of year his shops are full to the brim of Easter eggs just begging to be bought and enjoyed by all around. Pop inside and you are sure to leave choc-a-full of goodies.


So that concludes my top 5. Of course, you cant go wrong with a Croissant or twenty from any of the amazing boulangeries, there are so many to choose from.


Just grab a baguette and head to the river for a picnic by the Seine, or to my favourite concept store, Merci for lunch amongst the great love stories.


Au-revoir Paris! Until next time mon’amie.

BB x


One thought on “Everything I ate in Paris

  1. scarletscorchdroppers says:

    That all looks am-a-zing! I’m so hungry now! I was in Paris last December, and I was absolutely desperate for an Angelina hot chocolate. Unfortunately we were right at the end of a 4 month trip, and didn’t have anything left in our travel budget *sobs*. The hot chocolate was replaced with a tin of soup, microwaved in our hostel. I was not a happy girl that day! I’m really hoping to get back to Paris soon with a little more spending money so I can eat all of these things!

    Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers



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