Forget Christmas. Easter is my favourite holiday.

Who wouldn’t prefer a celebration based solely around chocolate?

Well, and Jesus and stuff. But mainly Chocolate.

Eating healthy around this time proves quite difficult. But I like to stick to a clean eating way of life.


Phew! Glad that’s sorted.

There are so many amazing things to bake with in shops at the moment I couldn’t go with just one. Here are a few of my favourites:


Mini Eggs


Hands down, my ultimate Easter chocolate. The crispy, sugary shell. The crack as you bite into the chocolate. The milky, crispy, melty gooeyness….

Sorry. Got a bit egg-cited there.

Anyhoo, there is an endless list of culinary creations you can conjure up with these babies.


 Or of course, good old Cornflake Cakes! I like to use melted left over Easter Egg. Yum.


Creme Eggs


Okay, I’m not the biggest fan. But a list of ultimate Easter chocolate would not be complete without them.

You could make my Creme Egg Cupcakes


Or if you’re feeling fancy, you could make your own!


Careful with that one though. You might get addicted and you don’t want to keep shelling out on more ingredients.

Only yoking.

For more eggcellent ideas, try this great list from Buzzfeed Food.

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you could make these amazing Egg Cakes in REAL egg shells.


It sounds tricky, but it’s surprisingly easy and your family will LOVE the surprise.

Or of course a traditional Simmel Cake


Or even these cuter-than-cute Chick Cakepops


If you’re feeling a little bit lazy and you just want to buy your Easter treats (no judgement here), this year there are lots of alternative egg-citing choices.

Hotel Chocolat 

300408_Easter 2015_Rocky Road extra thick 300424_Easter 2015_Egg Sandwich_White

I bought the Rocky Road to Caramel (£27) for the boy.

It is the thickest egg I have ever seen and is stuffed with Salted Caramel chocolates.

If that is a little out of your budget try the quirky White Egg Sandwich for just £10.

The Chocolate Society Egg Inside an Egg, £24.95


Aint it beau-ti-ful?

Chokablok, £5 from Tesco


Hunky, chunky eggs with delicious classic flavours like Rocky Road and Billionaires Shortbread.

Waitrose Caramel Fudge Chocolate Egg, £7


Winning awards all over the shop as this years top supermarket choice.

Marks and Spencer Percy Pig Egg, £6


Who doesn’t love Perce?

Thorntons Magnificent 1kg Egg, £25


Bought this monster last year and the boy loved it so much he put a seatbelt around it for the drive home!

Easter is a perfect time to get baking with the family, so get creative and come up with some cracking ideas of your own!

BB x

P.S. I’m sorry it’s a little late this week, I’ve been working on an exciting project with BBC Good Food Magazine. Can’t say too much, but watch this space for details coming soon!


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