Minion Cake


This week, Momma Ritchie turned 50.


So what cake would a respected, intelligent and successful 50 year old woman who still wears children’s shoes and can name all 150 Pokemon request?

A Minion of course!


But not just ANY Minion. Oh no.

It had to be Dave, the two-eyed companion of Gru.



Of course, there wasn’t a tutorial I could find for a Minion for two eyes, so I…erm…winged it slightly.

Taking most of my direction from this Youtube treat from Piece of Cake by IIse.

For my cake, I used 3 Victoria Sponges stacked on top of each other an supported by wooden dowels.


Mine served 20 comfortably, but you can make your Minion as big or as mini-on as you like.

Stack the cakes on top of each other once cool using buttercream to glue them together.


Cover the whole thing with icing (this is called dirty-icing) and chill in the fridge overnight.

You can also make the fondant details in advance too and give them a chance to dry out.

I made the feet, arms, googles and eyes the night before using mostly pre-colored fondant from Tesco.  (Still 3 for 2 on offer!)


If you haven’t worked with fondant before, don’t be intimidated. It’s just like edible Play-Doh and is so easy to work with.

Any colours I didn’t have, I mixed using Wiltons food paste colouring. (£11.99 for 8 colours from Lakeland).

They really are so much better than the average food colouring liquids you can get in Supermarkets, they don’t affect the taste and they last forever. Well worth the investment.

When you’re ready, measure you minion from one side, over the head to the other and roll out the fondant to that circumference.


I forgot to photograph this bit so I nicked these pics from

 Smooth over carefully and iron out any creases with the palm of your hand.

Then roll out some blue fondant and add your dungarees, using a blob of buttercream to stick them on.


Then go wild!

Add your goggles, arms, legs, feet, hair and a cheeky tongue licking his lips at two cupcakes. You can get a basic decorators tool kit for under a tenner in most big Supermarkets or cake stores.


And then BA-DA! Dave appeared!



Luckily, Dave tasted as good as he looked, although it did seem cruel to cut into his little face!


A year ago, I never would have attempted something like this but it really is a case of give-it-a-go.

He’s not perfect, but my Mum appreciated the effort and love that went into making him and that’s all that matters.

Happy Baking and I hope you all have a lovely Easter!

BB x


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