Rose Cupcakes and Good Food Magazine!

This week has been very exciting indeed.

Do you remember me telling you a while back about an exciting project with BBC Good Food Magazine?

Well, yesterday this bad boy fell through the letter box…


And just inside the front cover…


Was my ugly mug!

I was asked a few weeks ago to take part in this month’s Taste Team, testing recipes before they hit the magazine.

It was so much fun!

BBC Good Food Magazine will be on sale 2nd May, and is packed full of Springtime treats.

Anyways, back to the baked goods.

For my Bestie H’s Birthday I bought her a Cupcake Class from Groupon at Trifles Bakery in Manchester.


Always excited to learn new tricks, we donned our aprons and headed down Sunday morning.


There were tons of colours to choose from, I went for duck egg blue (obvs) and H opted for peachy pink.


I’ve wanted to perfect the Rose Cupcake look for ages, but I’ve only ever managed fondant roses.

As it turns out, it is SO SIMPLE!

All you need is a star tipped nozzle for your piping bag.


Once you’ve loaded up with icing, starting from the middle of your cupcake, swirl outwards to form a beautiful rose.


Aren’t they beautiful?


You can then add fondant roses, leaves, glitter…anything you fancy!


And if you’re feeling really posh, you can try two-tone buttercream roses.


Two do this, you can either lump two separate colours in a bag and see how you go like I did


OR, you can buy a snazzier-than-snazzie piping bag from Lakeland with two compartments (oooooh!)


Either way, you are bound to produce something FABULOUS.


We boxed them up and went on our way. Groupon are always doing great deals like this, so keep an eye out and you too can have an afternoon of fun with your best mate learning something new.


Work peeps, expect treats tomorrow. There was 12, but…erm..a racoon ran in…

BB x


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