Top 10 Breakfast, Brunch and Bakes – Manchester Edition

Now you should know by now, the only thing I love more than cake, is Breakfast.

And the only thing I love more than Breakfast, is Manchester.


I have lived in this amazing city since my University days and no matter how long I stay here, it never fails to make me fall more in love with it everyday.


Living in the City Centre with some of the best food in the world, it’s far too tempting to stay in. Barring butter and a bottle of Champagne (naturally), my fridge is a barren land.

So I thought I would use my hard-earned knowledge of all the quality eateries in Manc to make an easy-to-digest list for your consumption. To qualify for this list, the places must serve brekkie and some sort of cake. I know, I don’t ask much, do I?

10. Ziferblat


Hidden in the corner of Edge St in the City’s Northern Quarter, Ziferblat is a unique new concept where “Everything is free except for the time you spend”. For 5p per minute, you can lounge in the most comforting of spaces with likeminded folk, stuffing your face with ‘free’ cake and coffee.


Founded in Moscow by Ivan Meetin back in 2011, there are now 14 Ziferblats across Europe. You can hold a meeting, read a book, play piano or enjoy the super-strength complimentary Wi-Fi.

Favourite dish: Free cake, duh.  23 Edge Street,, Manchester M4 1HW

9. Sugar Junction


Famed for it’s Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea, Sugar Junction is the girliest spot on the list with it’s cuter-than-cute shabby chic interior and service with a smile.


Open every day of the week, the lovely lot at SJ are always on hand to serve up a much needed cake fix accompanies with 25 different types of tea. Did I mention Cocktail and Cake hour?

Favourite dish: Halloumi Salad 60 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LG

8. Trof


Trof and their three locations throughout Manchester (4 if you count Gorilla) have been feeding, entertaining and quenching the thirst of students for the past decade.

Hungover on a Sunday? Nothing a Trof roast can’t sort out. From Breakfast to a late-night gig Trof will carry you through from day to night, no problem.

TROF Manchester NQ Fried Brekkie Black Pudding

Favourite dish: Anywhere with Fish finger butties on the Menu is alright with me

7. Federal Cafe


The new kid on the block but swiftly becoming a true Manchester fave with its swish bumblebee interior and outstanding nosh.


The coffee is insane, the cakes out of this world and not your bog-standard coffee and walnut either (Pastel de Nata anyone?)


But the BREAKFASTS. Oh man.

Homemade bagels? Check.

French toast? Check.

Glass milk bottles? Check.

Humongous portions? I’m sorry I can’y hear you for the sound of me STUFFING MY FACE.

Favourite dish: Breakie Bagel

6. Richmond Tea Rooms


Fall down the rabbit hole and into Richmond’s astonishing world of Alice in Wonderland style fun parcelled away down a side street in Manchester’s colourful Gay Village.

The beautiful interior is outdone only but the food which is kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic.


Take your Mum for Afternoon Tea and she will love you. The Queens tea is a particular fave, or upgrade to the house special for a glass of fizz with your cucumber sandwiches.


Favourite dish: Club Sandwich

15 Richmond Street, Manchester M1 3HZ, 0161 237 9667

5. Gorilla 


Under the dusty arches off Oxford Road lies Gorilla, a music venue/bar/restaurant quietly building a hard-core following hungry for its delicious all-day breakfasts, burgers and dogs.


In summer, they crack open the windows for a great inside/outside feel. Don’t feel too bad about the calories; all of Gorilla’s food is ethically sourced from sustainable local businesses.

Favourite dish: Full English

4. HomeSweetHome  


From the creative genius Bakeorama, patisserie chef  for the legendary Almost Famous and Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn. I love this place so much that I wrote a whole blog post about it.

The food is good, the coffee great and the cakes legendary. Over-the-top creations that look like they were made by Mickey Mouse high on Prozac after scoffing 5 litres of rainbow sherbet.



Their cake counter is always full to the brim with Disco sponge, deep fried Oreos and a cake WITH A PIE BAKED INSIDE.

Favourite dish: Cheeseburger Toastie and Peanut Butter Cake

3.  Reds True BBQ


The Menu at Reds is called ‘The Good Book’ and my God is the food worthy of the biblical claim. Reds is pure, unadulterated filth but my sweet Lord, it is worth every bite.

Home to the 2000 calorie Donut Burger (yeah you heard me) RTB has recently launched a Brunch Menu on weekends making it one of my favourite hangover haunts.


These guys are no amateurs, they make annual pilgrimages to America to find the most authentic recipes around. Pulled pork pancakes followed by hot iron waffles? *Homer Simpson style drool*, you know it’s good when the BBQ smell sticks to your clothes when you leave.

Favourite dish: Baby back ribs

2. Katsouris Deli


You either know about this place or you have a gaping hole in your life. It’s as simple as that. Stepping into Katsouris is like stepping inside a busy New York Deli, buzzing, fast paced and full to the brim with delicious food and mega portions.


The carvery is a sight to be seen. Pulled pork, chicken, gammon, steak, paella, spicy rice and the biggest salad bar you have ever laid eyes on. All served sandwiched between freshly baked ciabatta lovingly crafted by the family-run team behind the scenes.


Did I mention the giant cakes?

Favourite dish: Steak Sandwich

1. Teacup Kitchen

Teacup on Thomas Street Location Shoot

Here it is, my ultimate Manchester food spot, Teacup on Thomas St. Honestly, I eat breakfast here more than I eat breakfast in my own home.

Where to start?

The dippy duck eggs. The seven billion types of tea that each come with a timer to let you know when they are ready to pour.


Oh the cake.


The service is perfection. Cheery, pleasant and accommodating. I would walk back from Australia for one of their Gingerbread lattes. And the Rainbow cake warms the cockles of my soul.


As happy places go, this is mine. It’s sister restaurant, ProperTea at Manchester Cathedral is pretty gosh darn good too (and it’s owned by Blue Peter presenter Yvette Fielding!)


Favourite dish: ALL  OF IT.

So there it is. My favourite places in the city.

What are you waiting for? Grab a Parka and an Umbrella and head on down to the capital of the North. Sorted.

BB x


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