Slattery’s Manchester

It’s rare that I dedicate a whole post to one particular place.

So when I do, you know it’s true love.

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Slattery’s, in Whitefield has been a Manchester institution since 1967. Family-owned, this place serves up some of the most amazing cakes, pastries, bread and chocolates you’ve ever seen.



Downstairs, there is a fabulous cake room displaying some of Slattery’s most spectacular wedding and celebration cakes.


 You can even peak through the windows and see the amazing bakers creating their masterpieces!


Yep, that’s a chocolate wheel.

Don’t stick your face under it though. That’s frowned upon apparently. Oops.



The wedding cakes are reason enough to get married immediately if you ask me.

*Pause for the boy to shift uncomfortably in his chair…*


Each cake has it’s own unique name and is utterly beautiful in it’s own right. Owner John Slattery says the only limit is the customers imagination, if you can dream it, they will make it!

72-IMG_0545 - Copy - Copy


Slattery’s also sells over 40 tonnes of chocolates a year, all hand crafted on site in Manchester.

Downstairs you can buys as many as you can carry; along with ice creams (Nutella flavour!), a Cake-a-way counter (like what I did there?) and a wide range of cake decorating supplies.



I could spend allll day down there. But then I would be missing out on the upstairs…


On the 1st floor you will find a beautiful dining room , complete with grand piano and the smiliest, loveliest staff you could ever wish for.

Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is served Monday-Saturday from 9am, and the dining room is famous for it’s huge delicious portions. Mile High Club Sandwich anyone?



But all of that pales into insignificance when you see the dessert counter.

For £15.95 you can attempt the Slattery’s Chocolate Challenge.


A large portion of American style chocolate fudge cake, served warm, with a portion of homemade chocolate ice cream, a portion of fresh cream and two chocolate pots filled with liquid chocolate sauce.

Oh, and a steaming glass of hot chocolate.

If you manage to eat all this (without the help of your friends!) you will be rewarded with a Slattery chocolate medal and a 100 g box of handmade chocolates – you know, in case you haven’t  had enough chocolate.

Or, for a more elegant approach (avoiding a Bruce Bogtrotter style finish), try afternoon tea starting from £14.95 per person.



Or  maybe Belgian Chocolate Waffles?


Or for a lighter option, fruit kebabs with dipping chocolate?

I’d go ahead and sign up for Weight Watchers now if I was you.

If that wasn’t enough, the lovely people at Slattery’s also run courses year round to teach people how to make their own amazing creations.


Although, if you ask me, being able to recreate these delicious deserts could be seriously detrimental to your waistline.

If you haven’t been already, get yourself down there asap. But book ahead, understandably the dining room gets very busy even on weekdays.

BB x


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