The Best (and Worst) Bake Off Contestants EVER

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love The Great British Bake Off.

Great British Bake-off

The cakes! The innuendos! The drama!


And of course, Queen Mary Berry herself.

Bezza is such a legend that if you type ‘Mary’ into Google she tops the suggestion list, beating J Blige, Poppins and the mother of Christ.


She’s a cheeky minx, a fashion icon and the fact that she is not yet a Dame is downright scandalous (get your finger out Liz).

Then there’s this handsome chap. He’s a bit of a scoundrel but watch him knead bread for 2 minutes and I guarantee you’ll go weak at the knees.


You know I can’t resist a Liverpudlian.

And of course, Mel and Sue. They really are great pun.



But the real stars of the show are the contestants themselves. There’s been some real corkers over the years.

To save you time, I’ve created my definitive Top 10 (and a few stinkers to add to the mix).

Keep it quiet though, these bakers are on a knead to know basis. *Cough*

10. Louis Troyano 

uktv-the-great-british-bake-off-luis - Copy

Series: 5

Position: Runner Up

Showstopper: 3D Biscuit Scene in Week 2

Since GBBO: Louis recently released a book, ‘Bake it Great’. The Graphic Designer is taking some time off to teach fellow hopefuls and to ‘master his craft’.


9. Holly Bell 


Series: 2

Position: Runner Up

Showstopper: Cherry Bakewell Inspired Cupcakes in Week 1

Since GBBO: After a spot on local radio, Mum-of-three Holly runs a successful baking blog which she has recently turned into a book, ‘Recipes of a Normal Mum’.

8. James Morton
zz020413Bakerboy - Copy

Series: 3

Position: 3rd

Showstopper: Pear, Pecan & Parsnip Upside Down Cake in Week 3

Since GBBO: Yep, you guessed it, Medical Student James started a blog and released not one but two books, ‘Brilliant Bread’ and ‘How Baking Works’  as well as writing a column for the Mail on Sunday.


7. Glen Cosby


Series: 4

Position: 6th

Showstopper: Strawberries and Cream Sandwich Cake in Week 1

Since GBBO: Giant Bake obsessive Glen now teaches budding bakers how to make larger-than-life creations at the award-winning Asburton Cookery School. His book ‘Extra Helpings’ is available now.

6. Howard Middleton


Series: 4

Position: 7th

Showstopper: Passionfruit and Coconut Sandwich Cake in Week 1

Since GBBO: Howard has a book (shocker!) out now ‘Delicious Gluten Free Baking’ and travels the country performing demonstrations to his adoring public at Food Festivals and Cake and Bake shows.


5. Sarah- Jane Willis

uktv_great_british_bake_off_2012_2 - Copy

Series: 3

Position: 7th

Showstopper: Sour Cherry, Marzipan and Dark Chocolate Christmas Plait in Week 7

Since GBBO: Vicars wife Sarah-Jane started a business with fellow GBBO contestant Cathryn Dresser, selling the duo’s bakes at a local market.

4. Beca Lyne-Pirkis

Series: 4

Position: 4th

Showstopper: Tiered Macaron and Sugar Dough Biscuit Centrepiece in Week 5

Since GBBO: Beca’s career has rocketed since GBBO, along with presenting her own TV series on S4C called Becw (Welsh for Bakehouse), Beca is a cheft at the world-famous Borough Market and a regular teacher at Seasoned Cookery School in Derbyshire.

Beca Headshot 2

3. John Whaite

John Whaite

Series: 3

Position: Winner

Showstopper: Heaven and Hell Chiffon Cake

Since GBBO: John gave up a promising career in Law to study at Le Cordon Bleu. He released a book, ‘John Whaite Bakes’, writes for the Telegraph and is resident chef on ITV’s Lorraine.


2. Richard Burr

Great-British-Bake-Off-fi-014 - Copy

Series: 5

Position: 3rd

Showstopper: Heaven and Hell Chiffon Cake

Since GBBO:  Richard’s first book B.I.Y: Bake it Yourself came out in August and he has been popping up at Foodie events like Jamie Oliver’s The Big Festival in Oxfordshire all Summer.


  1. Frances Quinn


Series: 4


Showstopper: Secret Squirrel Cake

Since GBBO:  The unbelievably talented and incredibly creative Frances has gone on to great things, like writing for BBC Good Food and making cakes for Celebrity clients around the world. Her blog has over 1 million hits and first book ‘Quintessential Baking’ is out now.



And a few we didn’t love as much…

Diana Beard (Series 5)


She SABOTAGED Ian’s Baked Alaska! Diana might look innocent, but there’s a wiry minx in there really.

Deborah Manger (Series 4)


Owner of the worlds-worst-fringe and stealer of Howards custard. She did however, prompt this great pun from Sue Perkins:


Ruby Tandoh (Series 4)


Moody, melancholy and reluctant pin-up Ruby got on more than one of a few peoples nerves. Now a writer for the Guardian, former student Ruby recently came out as gay, showing us doubters we were wrong about her flirtations with Paul.

So, will you be watching on Wednesday? Let me know in the comments who your favourites have been over the past 6 series and who YOU want to win this year.

My money’s on Ian…


BB x


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