I love a good portmanteau.

(That’s combining two words to me and you).




So imagine my utter ecstasy when in 2012, Pastry chef Dominique Ansel developed the much-hyped-object-of-mass-hysteria-donut-croissant-hybrid, The Cronut.


If you haven’t heard of The Cronut, I’m going to have to question where you’ve been for the past 3 years. And why you clearly haven’t frequented a bakery in that time. Because no sooner were New Yorkers joining a 5 hour queue at 4am to get their mitts on one, bakers all over the world were producing their very own take on the buttery-flaked phenomenon.


The Duffin.

The Doissant.

The Faux-Cro.


All with similarly redeeming qualities, but none that rival the true might of the Cro.


My first taste came from a visit to Harrods Food Hall.

It was all very civilised. I purchased the Raspberry Cream Cro, and waited patiently whilst the lady wrapped it up in a lovely little box. I walked calmly out of the store and found a quiet bench to perch on before unwrapping it slowly (pause for Instagram shot, obvs) and delicately leaned in for the first bite.

It was bloody magical.

So magical, that I shoved the whole thing in my face and promptly ran back inside to purchase another.

” ‘Nuver Crownat prease!” I managed to guff, with flakes of buttery goodness bursting from my stuffed face.

The man behind the counter politely ignored my disgusting lack of table manners (Harrods staff are good like that).

“No problem Madam. Actually as it is 5pm, they are now Buy One, Get One Free!”

Well isn’t that kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic?

Needless to say, I came back 5lb’s heavier with NO REGRETS.

“I’m on holiday!” I thought “It’s not like I eat them every day!”



He only went and published a bloody book, didn’t he?!

Told us how to MAKE the sodding things. AT HOME.

Luckily, the recipe was so long winded and complex, nobody in their right mind would bother. (Do you have three days to laminate pastry? Because I don’t! Never start a recipe that begins with the sentence “Two days before..”)

For those who are mad enough/curious, you can find the full recipe here.

Aint nobody got time for that! My trousers breathed a sigh of relief.

And then one day, craving donuts (always) and searching for something sweet in the back of my fridge, I found this:


And a little light bulb came on in my head.


So I grabbed the following from my cupboard and started experimenting.

WARNING: These are ridiculously easy to make and incredibly addictive.

1.5L Canola oil
2 canisters refrigerated Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls

Caster Sugar (and Cinnamon Sugar)
Salted Caramel

Step One– Cut out the holes using a cutter/the top of a mug.


You can choose ring donuts if you like, but that’s a sneaky way to diet if you ask me.

12021973_10153659209021241_1736738239_n - Copy - Copy

Step Two- Heat the Oil to 160 oC (or if like me you don’t have a thermometer, until a small piece of the dough sizzles on contact).

12007077_10153659209006241_410269083_n - Copy - Copy

Step Three- Fry ’em up (one at a time like, and minding your fingers) until golden brown.


Step Four- Pat dry on kitchen roll and then roll in your sugar.

12047649_10153659208991241_357966877_n (1)

Step Five- Inject with your favourite filling. You don’t need a special donut-injector-pen but if you could buy one, why wouldn’t you?!



You don’t have to do Salted Caramel. You could do Jam, Nutella, Lemon Curd. The choices are dangerously endless.

And that’s it! How easy is that?! Do-nut say I din’t warn you.

BB x


One thought on “Cronuts

  1. The Hungry Mum says:

    It is probably for the best that these ready-to-bake items aren’t available in Australia. Otherwise I fear my heart would rot away from gorging myself on these sugary, fried, morsels of heavenly goodness. Love your creativity.


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