Anti Gravity Cakes

As the great green Elphaba sang in my favourite musical Wicked…

‘It’s time to try DEFYING GRAVITY!’

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Anti-Gravity cakes are hanging about all over the place recently, delighting cake-lovers at parties, birthdays and even weddings.

They might look like a creation only a magician could conjure up, but in reality, once you know the trick it’s easy peasy.

11401247_484962598320315_8689660662558168450_n - Copy

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Something that looks this fandabiedoozie must cost a fortune to make. And how complicated is the under-cover secret squirrel scaffolding going to be? Will it require fancy pants tools and a load of MDF?

I’m a 26 year old woman who wears Minnie ears. I don’t own tools.


But I do own exciting things like multi-coloured straws and balloons on sticks. And it just so happens, that’s exactly what you need for this!



The secret scaffolding is concealed within the cake and then disguised with buttercream, ganache or icing.

Then all you need to do is make sure the packet you balance on top is empty and super light et voila!

To make it even easier, our friends at GoodFood Magazine have broken it down into 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Ice the cake, leaving a gap in the chocolate fingers if you want the sweets to spill out onto the board.


Step 2

Place the straw/balloon stick in the middle of the cake. If using a balloon stick, use melted chocolate to stick the round top to the cake.


Step 3

Starting from the bottom of the straw, use melted chocolate to stick smarties (or the sweets of your choice) to the straw one at a time, building up until it is completely covered. Be patient! You might have to hold them in place for a few seconds until the chocolate sets.

gravity-cake-step-3_0 (1)

Step 4 

Place the empty bag on top of the straw. To fill it out, you can stuff the packet with cotton wool balls.


Step 5

Fill the rest of the cake with sweets!


There are so many ways you can customise the Anti-Gravity cake and make it your own.

You can pick your favourite chocolate:


c25d0fdb9b949974da99a647bbaadd66 - Copy

Or, if you’re feeling extra snazzy, you can really push the boat out with a fondant cake.

With fondant, the sky really is the limit.

bpdfy-3-up-cake - Copy

The house from Up!

b2f34a09188d719f3f1c4d67b3724694 - Copy

A beer can drizzling his favourite drink into a barrel.

6c61ccda57290bb6a31a2c5fdfb2ba24 - Copy - Copy

Milk and cookies anyone?

7de80914b9ad2fffa7621791efe32a90 - Copy - Copy

Or maybe a piping bag for a baking enthusiast?

The possibilities are endless, but the concept remains the same. As long as there is a support in the centre and the ‘floating object’ is light enough to balance on top, if you can dream it, you can make it!

Recently, I made this Wine Pouring cake for a 50th Birthday.

12043100_10153718255021241_7305289401194192613_n - Copy

12027687_10153718254961241_6835317519662430471_n - Copy

The wine glass aspect posed a little bit of a challenge, so the boy was roped in to construct something a little sturdier.

He got a wooden dowel and cut a hole in the bottom of the plastic glass, and I covered the whole thing in red fondant. Topped off with a plastic wine bottle, and TA-DA!

Lakeland, my favourite cake supply store have no made it even easier.

For less than a tenner, you can buy a special ‘Pouring Cake Kit’, which comes fully equipped with everything you need to make a showstopper of your own.

ce79051f55842b81772e34d1f6222c45 - Copy

See how easy that is?

Now fly, my pretties, fly!

BB x


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