Everything I Ate In… New York City

I’m a bad, bad, blogger.

It’s been ages.

But honestly? I’ve been a little busy, GETTING ENGAGED!

11903733_10153804552251241_4970235953076749550_n - Copy

It’s all been so exciting I haven’t had a moment to think.

But whilst we were in NYC, we did some SERIOUS eating I need to tell you alllll about.

Day One


Jet lagged but mega excited, we hopped on a Bus Tour early, hoping to get our bearings and explore.

We barely made it past the West Village before our tummies started to rumble and we had to hop off in search of Breakfast.


I had heard about Jack’s Wife Freda from two of my favourite blogs, The Londoner and Tanya Burr.

12321111_10153804550906241_5558090559939369538_n - Copy

We tucked in to Bottomless Coffee, Green Shakshuka with Challah Toast and Steak and Eggs and planned our day.

No sooner had we headed out to explore, did we come across a curiously long queue…


It didn’t take long to realise, we had stumbled across the infamous Dominque Ansel Bakery, home of the Cronut.


We opted not to queue as it was nearly 10am and there was no way we would have reached the front of the line in time.

Time for what you ask?

Well, unbelievably, the Cronuts are all sold out by 10am EVERY DAY!



Instead, we headed straight inside and grabbed ourselves another pastry fave, the DKA.



The DKA (short for “Dominique’s Kouign Amann”) is a smaller version of the traditional Breton pastry, which is similar to a caramelized croissant. A crispy, caramelized crust on the outside gives way to a flaky and tender crumb within.


12369032_10153804553406241_1640400334680046444_n - Copy

Day two started my favourite way, with French Toast in Greenwich Village.

Greenwich is definitely my favourite part of New York and it was such a lovely day, we sat outside and watched the world go by.

12311241_10153804553336241_694131854966946014_n (1)

A day of sightseeing left us desperate for a slice.

In SoHo, there’s only one place to go. You’ll find it by following the line that snakes out of the door.


You can get a slice for $5, eat it standing outside on the street and it will be the best pizza you will ever taste.


For extra points, see how many famous faces you recognise on the wall of fame.


Clue: This one is a star of Titanic proportions!



Now, I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with Cake Boss.

12316565_10153804554311241_8349738360396750975_n - Copy

So to find out that Carlos’ had a Cafe right by our Times Square Hotel, was the best thing ever.

12346514_10153804554896241_5651189463920693861_n - Copy

The shop itself is packed during the day. You go in and grab a number and then wait to be called to order. After that, they box up your choices and you get in a second queue to pay!

We went ate at night after seeing a show on Broadway which was secretly genius as it meant it was much quieter.

Part of me had worried that it might not be everything it hyped up to be, but let me tell you, the Cannoli’s were to die for!


You’d have thought we would have stopped there right?


Because across the street, the boy feasted his eyes on the legendary Shake Shack.


The only Shake Shack in the UK is in London’s Covent Garden, but I would walk back there for one of their burgers.


Everything is made fresh and you get a pager so you can sit and wait in comfort.

SS is SO much more than fast food, it actually tastes incredible.



They are so thick you need a spoon to drink them, the Peanut Butter is my absolute favourite. Don’t forget to try the Frozen Custard (Cements).


Started with Brunch at Buvette, a super-cool Parisian breakfast spot in the West Village.


All the locals eat here, and on Weekends the line forms around the street.

12345455_10153804555046241_2776477602054980956_n - Copy


Buvette is famous for their ‘Steamed Eggs’, cracked into a ceramic jar and actually steamed with the wand of an espresso machine, essentially scrambling them. Served with grilled toast and tender prosciutto petals. YUM.


The boy went for Waffles and Eggs, instantly deeming it ‘The Best Thing I’ve Eaten So Far’. A hefty title, and one that wouldn’t be around too long…

Breakfast at Buvette is defiantly a treat, it is on the pricey side, but a real authentic local New Yorker experience and one not to miss. If only, because it is situated on the same corner as the ‘Friends’ building.


Keep on walking and you hit the boys reigning champion of ‘The Best Thing I’ve Eaten So Far’.

It’s hard to miss it.

big-gay-ice-cream-12 - Copy

Big Gay Ice Cream started out as a food truck and now has multiple locations throughout Manhattan.

All the ice creams look amazing, but for me, there was only one choice.

12301469_10153804553296241_7401150981801712584_n - Copy

The Salty Pimp.

Vanilla soft serve, Dulche de Leche, Sea Salt all dipped in Milk Chocolate.

It was so good the boy had two.


12341323_10153804554216241_515361982972979857_n - Copy

Day Five started off with a trip to Pick-A-Bagel, a giant Bagel shop with a million choices of fillings to stuff your face with in a Subway-on-Crack style set up.


que-delicia - Copy

We grabbed a coffee and headed to Central Park for breakfast in the Sunshine.

12368980_10153804554351241_6939167393873687412_n - Copy

Once we’d burned a few calories skating, we thought it only right to refuel with visit to a famous NY hotspot, Magnolia Bakery.

Magnolia Bakery 1_tcm87-18017 - Copy

The ladies amongst you might recognise it as a hang-out of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. For the rest of you, it does AMAZING Cupcakes.



For those of you who are thinking that Cupcakes are ‘Soooo 2010’, they also have a delicious Banana Pudding that should hit the spot.

banana-pudding - Copy


It was almost time to go home, but before we jumped in a cab to JFK, I had one more stop on my list.


Christina Tossi at Momofuku Milk Bar has been an baking inspiration to me for forever and I couldn’t not hop in and grab a taste first hand.


The iconic Birthday Cake (above) was a bit too big to pack into my suitcase so we went for some Milk essentials, Compost Cookies and Crack Pie.

The pie is so moreish it is comparable only to it’s highly addictive namesake narcotic, and takes 2 days to make. But my God, once you start eating it, you’ll understand why.

oftl-main_thumb2-NYC-momofuku-milk-bar-1 - Copy

Karlie Kloss, Victorias Secret Model and BFF to Taylor Swift loves this place so much they named a cookie after her. We washed a couple down with a Cereal Milk Milkshake.


We were STUFFED.

I felt like I couldn’t eat another bite. But It felt only right to get some cash, I mean cupcakes, out for later.



I love NY.

BB x



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