A Year in Review 2015


It’s nearly that time!

Whether you love NYE or loathe it, the eve is upon us and I have the perfect way to round up the year with my New Years Look Back List.

Sit with a glass (or a bottle) of bubbly with your bestest buds and fill in a list each, then go around in a circle discussing each of your answers in turn.

It really is the perfect end to a year.

  • Favourite Film
  • Favourite TV Programme
  • Favourite Song
  • Favourite Band
  • Best Gig
  • Best Journey
  • Best Holiday
  • Friend of the Year
  • Best Moment
  • Funniest Moment
  • Most Embarrassing Moment
  • Proudest Moment
  • Best Meal
  • Drink of choice of the Year
  • Restaurant of the Year
  • Best Night Out
  • Favourite Website
  • Favourite Book
  • Biggest Regret
  • Country to visit in 2016
  • Work Goal for 2016
  • New Years Resolution


2016 is looking pretty bright, I cant wait to get started.

BB x


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